Welcome To Mani

Mani is a historical area located in the southern part of the Peloponnese and occupies the middle leg of the three that are formed. It has a length of 75 km and covers an area of 1800 sq. Km. It extends east from Trinisa near Gythio, west from Verga near Kalamata, at the point where the bridge of Xerilas and the sign of the Holy Diocese are located, and south to the southernmost tip of Europe, Cape Tainaro. These are the true borders of Mani.

To the east, it is washed by the Laconian gulf while to the west by the Messinian gulf. Along, in the middle of it extends the mountain Taygetos.

Geographically it is divided into EXO MANI, where is the area from Verga to Itilo, MESA MANI, the area from Itilo west, and Kotronas east to Tainaro and KATO MANI, the area from Bardounochoria to Skoutari. Mesa Mani is further divided into prosilic (towards the sun) where the eastern part is and shady (de-shaded) where the western part is.

Places Of Interest

The landscape of Mani is special both in terms of its natural configuration and in terms of its architectural physiognomy. In Mani there are many stone towers, 7 castles, a variety of archeological sites, Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches with excellent paintings. In the area are 98 of the 118 settlements of the Peloponnese that have been officially declared traditional, along with many caves, cobbled streets and gorges for hikers. The villages of Mani retain their traditional architecture and their special way of life. Nestled among the inaccessible mountains, beautiful and imposing, they wait to tell their story to visitors.

From the landscape of Western Mani, stand out: Kardamili, with the Byzantine monuments and the gorge of Byros, Stoupa, Lagada with the stone tower houses, the villages of Mount Taygetos, Tseria, Kastania and Milia. Gythio with the port and the special architecture, Areopolis with its cobbled streets and towers that have been declared monuments. The caves of Diros, Limeni opposite the Homeric Oitylos, Gerolimenas, Vathia, Kotronas with its beaches and traditional architecture, the Forest, Porto Cayo, Lagia, Cape Tainaro, the Nyfi and Kotronas are attractions of the municipality of East Mani.