The Famous Kalogria Beach

Kalogria or the beach of Zorba is located 42 km from Kalamata, in the area of Lefktro of the Municipality of West Mani. It is one of the 3 beaches that Stoupa has (Kalogria, Stoupa, Halikoura).

The Story

Nikos Kazantzakis lived on the beach of Kalogria for 2 years (1917-1918) together with the legendary hero of his novel “Life and State of Alexis Zorbas”. Of course, Zorba’s real name was George and not Alexis, while the events described in the book took place in Mani and not in Crete.

Kazantzakis Cave

At the northern end of the beach is the house where the author lived with Zorbas, while at the southern end, very close to the beach there is the cave of Kazantzakis, where he found shelter to read and write. The cave can be visited either by swimming or by boat. Due to the great success of Kazantzakis’ book, many tourists, both Greeks, and foreigners, visit the area.